​The Chihuahua is a very small dog with a enormous character. A national emblem of Mexico, those attentive and amusing"handbag dogs" stand one of the oldest strains of the Americas, with a lineage going back to the early kingdoms of one-hundred occasions.

The curved”apple” mind is a strain hallmark. The vertical ears and complete, luminous eyes are mutually expressive. Coats come in several colours and patterns, and may be short or long. The varieties are indistinguishable except for jacket.

Chihuahuas have loyalty, charm, and big-dog mindset. Even miniature Dogs require instruction, and without this smart scamp will rule out your Household just like a little Napoleon. Reasonable and positive, Chihuahuas are Perfect city pets. They are too little for roughhousing with children, and Adaptable–provided that they get a great deal of quality time in their favorite lap.

Toy Group; AKC recognized in 1904.

Not over 6 lbs.
Companion puppy.


Apartment is fine due to small size
Doesn’t withstand cold climates because of hair


Daily short walk is fine
Love to play


Average shedding Due to short hair jacket
Routine cleaning
Routine bathing



​ Chihuahua puppy

​If you want a dog that...

Is small and easy to carry
    Comes in many different coats and colors
    Can Be oh-so-funny and fun in quirky ways (difficult to describe -- you gotta be there!)
    Is Quite loyal
    Travels well
    Does not need much exercise
    LOVES warm glowing climates
    Usually has a long lifespan

A Chihuahua may be right for you.

If you don't need to cope with...

The fragility of toy breeds (see below)
    The nice line you Want to walk with toy strains, where you need to protect their safety, yet need them to stand in their own four toes and be well-behaved
    Notorious housebreaking difficulties
    Suspiciousness, unlimited yapping, and nasty behavior if obtained from poor parents or even if babied or spoiled or not socialized or forced to behave

A Chihuahua may not be right for you.

Do you think a ​Chihuahua

puppy might be right for you? Check out our available puppies page to see all of our adorable poodle puppies for sale!

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