​Eukanuba Dog Food Review

Reviews on the  Eukanuba dog food are rather  mixed, when it comes to ​an experts opinion. Some have serious concerns about certain ingredients.

Good dog foods will always have meat as the first and main ingredient, with a healthy ratio of meat protein, fat, and carbs. Formulas with corn, soy, wheat, grain, flour, beet pulp or sugar have a high glycemic index, or they’re a​risk for  allerg​ies ​ for many dog​ breeds. Meat by-products are ​also  safety problem too that unfortunately continues to be an issue in the pet food industry.

Despite that, Eukanuba dog food reviews on retail websites are mostly all positive.

​Eukanuba Dog Food Review 2

​ Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food has the highest Eukanuba dog food rating on Chewy.com, with ​most consumers recommending the product and almost a full five stars. A look at the ingredients, however, reveals immediate problems. While chicken is the first ingredient, it’s followed by corn meal, chicken by-product meal and dried beet pulp.

The ratings on Chewy.com for Eukanuba puppy food reviews are ​also good. The ​ large and small breed dry puppy ​foodss are the second and third most recommended Eukanuba dry dog food products. Chicken by-product meal is the second or third ingredient though, and dried beet pulp is still included. The Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food has corn meal as the second ingredient too.

​​ ​Low quality Carbohydrates are much too high for me to recommend these products to all the dogs. The meat by-products mean the meat protein is inferior as well. The canned dog foods have similar flaws. This means that puppy's with ​sensitivity's should consume these food with caution.

​Eukanuba Dog Food Review
  Reviews on the  Eukanuba dog food are rather  mixed, when it comes to ​an experts opinion. Some have serious[...]
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