​The Poodle, however frequently equated to the attractiveness with no brains, is exceptionally clever, lively and excels at obedience training. The breed comes in 3 dimensions varieties, which may contribute to why Poodle is among the most popular breeds based on AKC

The Poodle can accommodate almost any size living quarters. His Hypoallergenic coat can reduce allergic reactions, however, necessitates regular grooming. Poodles are An active breed and need daily exercise.
Water retriever, companion.

Low activity inside.


Daily mild to moderate exercise.


Regular brushing.
Regular professional grooming is suggested.
Little to no losing.
Easy on allergy sufferers.



P​oodle puppy

​If you'd like a dog that...

Is very little, light and stylish on his toes, athletic and agile
    Has a brief curly coat That's virtually non-shedding (the Very Best coated breed for allergy sufferers)
    Comes in a variety of colors
    Is lively and lively
    Is among the brightest and most watchful of all strains
    Is easy to train and housebreak
    is generally polite with strangers and social with other creatures

A Toy Poodle may be perfect for you.

If you do not want to cope with...

  Clipping the curled coat each six weeks
    A careful look to Prevent high-strung, neurotic lines
    Timidity if not socialized enough
    Emotional sensitivity to anxiety, tension, and loudly voices

A Toy Poodle might not be perfect for you.

Do you think a poodle puppy might be right for you? Check out our available puppies page to see all of our adorable poodle puppies for sale!

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