​The Pug's motto is the Latin term"multum in parvo" (a whole lot in a bit )--an apt description of the small but muscular strain. They are available in three colours: silver or apricot-fawn using a dark facial mask, or all black. The big circular head, the large, sparkling eyes, and the wrinkled brow give Pugs a range of human-like expressions--surprise, joy, fascination --which have thrilled owners for centuries.

The Pugs reason for living is to be Close to their people and Also to please Them and their sturdiness makes them a household favorite. They’re comfortable in small homes since they need minimal exercise, however, the breed can adapt readily to all situations. The Pug sheds, but its short coat requires little grooming.

Toy Group; AKC recognized in 1885.
Weighting between 14 to 18 lbs.
Companion puppy.


Apartment is fine.
Low activity indoors.
Thrive in mild climates.


Daily light exercise.


Easy care.
Heavy seasonal shedding.

P​ug puppy

​If you'd like a dog who...

  Is small, yet sturdy and blocky
    includes a Brief face with big expressive eyes
    Has a short coat
    Is usually polite with everyone, like other pets
    Doesn't need much exercise
    Seldom gets into real mischief

A Pug may be perfect for you.

If you do not need to cope with...

Snorting, snuffling, wheezing, snoring, some slobbering
    Gassiness (flatulence)
    Slowness to housebreak
    Constant shedding -- daily!

A Pug may not be perfect for you.

Do you think a p​ug puppy might be right for you? Check out our available puppies page to see all of our adorable p​ug puppies for sale!

Would you like more information on purchasing a pug?

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