Dalmatian puppies for sale

The Dalmatian breed is a medium-sized, smooth coat dog that originated in Dalmatia.

The Dalmatian was first bred to run with horses and carriages in order to keep them safe from wild animals on the side of the road. This helped change their size over time so they could be more efficient runners. Eventually, Dalmatians were used as coach dogs because of how easily trained they are. They also made good watchdogs because of their loud bark, but this trait can become problematic if not properly addressed during training .

For years, Dalmatians have been a popular show and movie star due to their unique appearance and energy level. Dalmatians are known for their striking pattern which makes them easy to recognize and identify. Dalmatians are also very hardy, which makes them good candidates for outside living . Dalmatians can live to be up to 17 years old, but the average life span of a Dalmatian is 12-14 years.

Dalmatians are an affectionate breed and need plenty of attention from their owners or they will become destructive. Dalmatians have a very high prey drive, which means that they like catching and chasing small animals , so it's best if Dalmatians are not in homes with smaller pets. Dalmatians are best suited for either apartment living or home living with acreage because they cannot tolerate being alone all day due to their high activity level . Dalmatians enjoy having things to keep them busy, so if they are left alone for too long they may become destructive. Dalmatians are high-maintenance dogs and require daily exercise and training to keep them happy. Dalmatians have a hard time learning how to behave off their leash because of their strong prey drive, but Dalmatians that live in the country with acreage will get plenty of exercise running around chasing squirrels or other small animals .

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