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English Bulldog

The english bulldog breed is easily one of the most stubborn breeds in existence. They are generally difficult to train but this is mainly because they could care less about participating in activities that do not interest them. If you have a english bulldog puppy and it shows signs of being independent then you must not force the dog into doing things, instead try to find something else for him or her to do. This will help build independence while keeping your english bulldog happy and healthy.

English Bulldogs all need a solid diet consisting of mostly meat sources such as chicken and fish rather than carb rich foods like wheat filled products. Foods like milk should be used sparingly if at all since many english bulldogs tend to develop severe health problems when milk is a regular part of their diet.

Owning an english bulldog is not the easiest thing in the world since they have many special needs but english bulldogs are also very loving and loyal dogs that will make great companions if you show them the love and attention they truly deserve. A english bulldog puppy or full grown english bulldog will never fail to put a smile on your face no matter how bad of a day you have had.