The pug dog is a small breed of dog that originated in China. They are well-known for their distinctive physical appearance, which consists of a flat face and wrinkles. Though pugs originally had a long coat, they have since been bred to have a short one (see pug puppy). This article provides information on pug dogs and pugs puppies.

The pug dog and pug puppy date back to 400 BC [or whichever time frame you want; just make sure it's old enough]. The pugs were bred from mastiff type dogs with brachycephalic breeds [this means the end part of their head is very small - usually associated with round eyes].

Pugs are compact little dogs that are small but with a stocky build. They have a pug nose, pug dog type face, pug dogs for sale and pug puppy t-shirts. They also have pugs for sale and pugs that look like owls as well as wrinkly skin on their forehead and muzzle.

Pugs come in different colors including piew/blue pugs or black pugs depending on the breeders preference. Pugs are known to be very good family pets having a loving temperament and being affectionate toward children [and adults]. Having puggies is great way to teach your kids how to take care of animals without all the hassle of taking care of other types of large animal like horses or sheeps. Pug pups are pug pups for sale pug pugs pug dogs pugs pugs pugs puggies and pug puppy dog breeders.

Pugs do not require a lot of exercise, they can live happily in an apartment. Pug puppies are known to be smaller than usual adult sized pugs which means that you will have to potty train them more often than the average adult dog would need conditioning. Pugs do not shed their hair so they don't leave messes behind when it comes time to vacuum the house or mop the floors. The only downside is that you cannot take your pug outside as they will pick up a lot of bugs and other disease carrying pests on their fur.

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