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Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for Sale

The Yorkshire Terrier or Yorkie, is a breed of dog in the terrier group. They are Yorkshire's county emblem and were developed in Yorkshire, England. They weigh between 3 and 7 pounds (1.4–3.2 kilograms) and stand about 6 inches (15 centimetres) high at the shoulder. Yorkshire Terriers have long silky hair with straight erect ears that fold back at their base into a "V" shaped line along their head. The tail is carried over its back, but may be curled as it rests on top of their spine just before the hind legs when relaxed. It has an elongated muzzle small broad nose, black eyes and wide set apart medium sized oval shaped eyes. Yorkshire Terriers are known for their friendly and lively disposition, intelligence and energy. They are inquisitive, acrobatic animals with an excellent sense of balance.

Yorkshire terriers were bred to hunt vermin in coal mines by breaking into the nests of rats. Yorkshire was one of the most important mining areas in England during the 16th Century when many types of small dogs were used for ratting. Since the Yorkshire Terrier's size enabled it to enter a hole once the larger terriers had made it big enough, Yorkshire Terrier puppies would be put into these holes after the adult dogs to finish off any surviving prey that might have escaped them. Yorkshire Terriers were also kept as pets because they did not require much grooming and sat in a lady's lap without taking up much room. Yorkshire Terriers were first shown at Cruft's in 1870 and the Yorkshire Terrier Club of England was established soon thereafter.

Yorkshire Terriers are very bold and lively dogs with an independent streak. They are inquisitive, acrobatic animals with an excellent sense of balance that have been known to climb trees and even walk along branches if they can find nothing else to entertain them. Yorkshire terriers like any other dog breed also need plenty of mental stimulation on top of physical exercise; otherwise they may quickly become bored and destructive due to their intelligence. Their stubbornness, drive, curiosity, confidence, alertness, ability to learn tricks (such as rolling over enthusiasm and intelligence), and devotion make Yorkshire Terriers an excellent choice for those who want a dog to provide companionship. It is also important that Yorkshire terriers be properly trained from a young age as their size means they will not be able to correct bad behavior later on in life. Yorkshire Terriers hate the cold and snow, so owners in colder climates will need to take this into account when taking walks or playing with their Yorkshire Terrier during the winter months. Yorkshire Terriers are small enough to fit into handbags, making them a popular choice of pet for women in particular.