Newfoundland dog is a large breed of working dog originally from Newfoundland. The breeds were established in 1775, they are known for its strength and water rescues. It was recognized by the AKC as the official state dog of New Jersey on November 21st, 19905.

The newfoundland has been seen to have originated within cross-breeding between dogs from Great Britain and Ireland and local dogs in Newfoundland6. In 1886 two British gentlemen collected all the remaining dogs to found a club called "The Newfoundland Dog Club".

The newfoundlands are still used for their strength but they have also been known to save up to 30 people at one time. For this reason newfoundlands are very popular in water rescues.

Newfoundland dogs have also become popular with actors because of their calm nature! They have also become very popular on social media!

Today newfoundlands do many jobs such as family pets, search and rescue team work and therapy animals. In fact Newfoundland dogs are so good natured they became an official state dog

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