One of the most popular of the Poodle hybrids to emerge over the past 20 years, the cute and cuddly Maltipoo has captured the hearts of many. The product of a mating between a pedigree Maltese and a Toy or Miniature Poodle, this fluffy little dog is affectionate, docile, and great with children and other pets. Its small size and low-shedding coat, which it inherits from both parents, make it very well suited to apartment living, but its propensity to bark persistently may create tensions between neighbours. The Maltipoo has the renowned intelligence of the Poodle, and is placid enough to be very easy to train. It is often recommended as an perfect choice for novice dog owners, being quite unlikely to challenge the owner’s authority.

It is the quintessential companion dog, enjoying its snuggles and belly-rubs, and should not be forced to spend long periods alone, since it is prone to separation anxiety. If tired or distressed, this adorable package can be astonishingly destructive, leaving its owner in no doubt as to its unhappiness! Though the coat sheds very little, it grows rapidly and requires daily brushing to remove knots and tangles. Like all hybrids, the Maltipoo can inherit a range of health problems from the parent strains, and anyone contemplating the purchase of a puppy should always research the health status of both parents. Though often it retains its puppy looks into its teenage years, the Maltipoo has a normal lifespan of 13–15 years.

Top 3 Benefits of the Maltipoo

These small dogs tend to be little smarties, hence they’re easy to train and learn quickly.
They were bred to be hypoallergenic, but please know that NO dog breed is 100% hypoallergenic. All dogs shed skin cells and dander.

Top 3 Cons



There’s a little guard dog side for this breed. They like to alert the world to anything new and unfamiliar with a cacophony of barking.
There will be a few grooming expenses to anticipate with this breed. Daily brushing is required to prevent matted, tangled fur.
Maltipoos don’t like to be left alone. They’re proven to develop separation anxiety.


Maltipoos are easy to train. They’re smart and always eager to Please, and their natural docility means they take their owners’ authority with query. As with any dog, they respond best to kindness and encouragement, as opposed to harsh correction if they misbehave, and raising one’s voice into a Maltipoo seldom has a positive effect on their behavior.

In puppy-hood, socialization is of prime Importance, and enrolling in a puppy class can help build the pup’s Social repertoire once the primary vaccination course has been completed. Educating the”speak” and”cease” commands to promote the Pup to bark when instructed can be helpful in managing nuisance barking

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