Potty Training Tips for Puppies

4 Steps to potty Training your puppy Fast

Teaching your dog to go to the bathroom outside is ultimately one of the most important training steps, once your puppy has mastered this the stress and aggravation with other things is minimal in comparison.  The stress level on both you and your puppy goes way down and you’ll have more time to have fun and to see only the wonderful benefits of having a pet.

Any dog can learn how to go to the bathroom outside , but you need to know how to potty train a puppy correctly.

  • Regular Meals help you to potty train your puppy faster.
  • Young puppies need to go out side every half hour to hour while training to speed up the process-- Ie: this will help them to understand quickly and eliminate frustration
  • Give your puppy a treat every time they eliminate outside in the correct place. They need to receive the treat right after they go so that they understand what they did correctly
  • Make sure to always speak in a gentle loving tone.
  • Watch over your puppy or keep him in a confined area to reduce the odds of an accident inside.
  • Stay with your puppy when they are outside until they are fully house trained.
  • IF you have found evidence of an accident but did not see it happen dont react or get angry at your pup. They wont understand why you are mad and can lead to confusion .

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