​The Weimaraner, Germany’s sleek and swift”Gray Ghost,” is beloved by predators and pet owners alike to their friendliness, obedience, and attractiveness. They like exercise, and a lot of it, together with a great deal of quality time with their humans.

Lauded for his ability to Operate with Fantastic speed, fearlessness and Endurance when on the search, the Weimaraner is also famous for being a readily trainable, friendly and obedient member of their household. This is a breed that enjoys children and loves being a part of the family. Oral care is reduced as a result of his short coat.
Typical size: 23 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder.
Seeking puppy, household companion.


Apartment is fine.
Low action inside.


Average shedding.

Weimaramer puppy

​If you want a dog who…

    Is large, powerful, and tautly-muscled, a true athlete bred to hunt all day
    Has a sleek, carefree coat
    Is unusual-looking, with a ghostly gray/silver coat and (somewhat eerie) light eyes
    Is Full of energy and thrives on vigorous exercise and athletic activities
    In the right hands, is a loyal, aristocratic gentleman of great presence and personality
    Is watchful with strangers, so makes a keen watchdog (using a booming bark)

A Weimaraner may be ideal for you.

If you don’t want to deal with…

    Vigorous exercise requirements
    Rowdiness and exuberant jumping, especially when young or not exercised enough
    Massive destructiveness and barking when left alone too much or bored
    Suspiciousness or skittishness toward strangers when not socialized enough
    Possible aggression toward other animals
    A strong-willed head of his own, requiring a confident owner who can take control

A Weimaraner might not be perfect for you.

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